Physical Defenses To Cyber Attacks

‘Juice Jacking’ is one of the newest ways that criminals are stealing information. But this method takes a little more daring to pull off, and some simple physical deterrents to prevent. The process of ‘Juice Jacking’ involves planting devices in publicly used USB charging ports that hijack the information from the device that is plugged in there. The most common areas for this type of attack are airports and other transportation hubs, where people often scramble to charge devices before long journeys. There are several products that have been developed to protect the common traveler from falling victim to this trap. They are simple and affordable adapters that act as a barrier (both on a physical-use level, as well as technological level) between the charger and the outlet. These devices keep the hijacking bug in the outlet, and the vital data in your device. You do not have to be a tech genius to protect yourself from ‘Juice Jacking,’ you just have to be aware.