Taino is Making News

Herby Duverne, Principal and CEO here at Taino Consulting Group, was recently a part of the efforts to create Report 112: Airport Terminal Incident Response Planning, with the Transportation Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program. This report outlines the development and use of a tool that creates and maintains integrated incident response plans, addressing hazards in and around airport terminals. This topic is near and dear to Mr. Duverne’s heart, as one of the several high profile positions he held prior to heading up Taino, was as the Deputy Director of Aviation Security and Director of Emergency Management, respectively, for Massachusetts Port Authority, overseeing Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more about this report by clicking the link below, and check out http://www.tainoconsultinggroup.com/about-us/our-people/ to read more about the full professional reach of the members of the Taino Consulting Group team. http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/acrp/acrp_rpt_112.pdf