Cyber Security: Show me the Money!

Jim Cramer, the economic analyst famous for biting the heads off of rubber bulls and screaming financial statistics at viewers and callers alike on his show, “Mad Money with Jim Cramer,” has some advice for those looking to capitalize on the current tidal wave of technological advancement. Invest. The financial guru has been following several firms in the cyber world and sees nothing but green. Perhaps it is the silver lining to the endless stream of hacker success stories on the news. But for every major breach we see, there is an infinite number of unsuccessful attempts. The sheer volume of attacks that are staved off daily is a testament to the quality advances in systems and tactics being made by the good guys in the IT world. And those advances are having a positive impact on stock holders. There is no evidence that this tech war will be slowing down, which means more progress. The financial experts say you should invest for your portfolio. The cyber experts say you should invest for your security. We say… why not both?

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