Can You Put A Price On Security?

Dean Skelos, a New York State Senator from Long Island, does not believe you can. He recently proclaimed “The issue of money is irrelevant,” when discussing the additional security measures that have been implemented across the state by Governor Cuomo, and could stretch beyond New York borders. The Governor has called up New York National Guard troops to reinforce the various law enforcement agencies working throughout the state, specifically at critical infrastructure locations, like transportation hubs, and metropolitan areas. There are plans in the works with Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, to involve his state in the plan, and coordinate with the various Port Authorities. This is not in response to any one threat, but the current global tensions that the US is a large part of. Many New Yorkers site the September 11th attack, and other incidents in recent history, when asked why they think this effort is necessary. Current cost estimates for the state, whose authority the National Guard is operating under, are in the tens of millions of dollars. Still, the majority of New Yorkers seem to think that the added security is worth the price. Unfortunately, no one can say for sure if precautions are necessary until it is too late. So it is completely understandable why so many people think that it is worth paying for more security now, instead of recovery efforts tomorrow. The best incident response plan is one you are never forced to use.