Your Own Worst Enemy

The biggest threat to any company has always been its own people. That has not changed in this cyber age. Disgruntled employees have access to information and systems that make them more of a threat than any competitor, especially if they end up working for a competitor. The FBI and DHS are warning companies that the reports of insider attacks are rising a startling amount. This could simply be because “The Internet OF Things” makes ‘getting back’ at a company, only a few clicks away. Whatever the reason, this proves, once again, that ensuring the security of your assets is about so much more than the security systems in place. The atmosphere and camaraderie of your team are just as important to keeping you and your company functioning. If you run a shop that is happy working together, than you can focus less on internal threats, and more on doing business the way you are supposed to. Security truly is an all-encompassing effort.