Facebook As A Safety Tool

Facebook has announced the release of a new safety tool to help users get in touch with family members during times of emergency. Most social media apps already record a user’s location, a feature that has sparked a number of security concerns. But that technology is now being put to good use. Since Facebook already knows where so many people are, it is matching that information up against notice of emergency situations. When those two geographic locations overlap, the new tool kicks into action. Users have the ability to log in and select an option that identifies them as ‘safe.’ Once safety has been determined, a notification is sent to a predetermined list of family, friends and loved ones, letting them know that although the individual is in the ‘danger zone,’ there is no cause for major concern. With the overwhelming use of social media, it would be a waste not to utilize the connectivity and popularity of some of these platforms during an emergency event. The folks at Facebook have realized that, and taken advantage of an opportunity that helps reduce fear and panic, and even streamline search and rescue efforts. The debate over social media tools and operational security, cyber security and freedom of information will certainly continue. But for now, most can agree that this tool is helping people, not putting them at risk. http://www.tomsguide.com/us/facebook-safety-check,news-19783.html