An Environment Of Security

All too often, people tend to underestimate the scope of security. True security is so much more than guards and surveillance, or firewalls and passwords. It is a mentality. It is an atmosphere within your organization that needs to be oriented toward the common goal of identifying and eliminating threats, and take everything into consideration. This has recently been proven by our leaders on a global scale. US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and the Pentagon recently declared that climate change poses a direct threat to national security. The potential changes to the environment have been classified as a ‘threat multiplier.’ This means that the effects of climate change could increase the impact of existing threats to the United States. Riots and instability from drought and famine, environmental exposure of military installations, setbacks for planned evacuations or troop movement, and similar effects on our allies will impact the operational readiness of the US, NATO or the UN. These are all serious security concerns that stem from climate change. The debate on exactly where the earth stands in regards to climate change is far from over. Therefore the exact impacts to the US Military and security are yet to be determined. However, this discussion is one that needs to be had openly and honestly. Because when it comes to security, everything is a factor.