You May Have A Pocket Sized Spy

When smartphones took over the cell phone world, they brought with them the helpful addition of apps. The ease with which an app can be utilized to complete a task, or pass time, makes them popular. So does the convenient, rapid download process. And therein lies the problem. With a couple of quick clicks standing between you and a new app, people often neglect the time and research that should go into the decision to download anything onto one of your devices. Everyone should know by now, the vulnerabilities we have placed on ourselves by utilizing technical devices the way we do. So we should all be aware of how much information we walk around with in our pocket. But for some reason, we still download unknown, untested apps onto our phones with no information about what it is we just invited into our lives, which seem to be becoming less personal by the day. Some Android users are learning this lesson the hard way. Windseeker is a popular app that has been hijacking people’s phones and information for some time now. And if one program is doing it, you can bet that others are as well. Be smart. Do your research.