What You Need To Know About Your Postal Office

At a time when both intelligence officials and cybersecurity experts claim hacking to be the number one threat to national security, the US Postal Service recently announced that the personal data of 500,000 postal employees have been exposed in cyber-attacks in 2014. This year alone, hundreds of millions of private data have been compromised in attacks on business and government computers throughout the country. Although specific details of the perpetrators are unknown, The Washington Post reports that Chinese hackers are suspected to have breached the computer networks of the U.S. Postal Service dating as far back as January, effecting the personal records of more than 800,000 employees and customers including information such as their names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers. In a major investigation published Monday, the Associated Press found that hackers have gained access to nearly 90 million people in federal networks, 255 million customer records in retail networks, 212 million customer records in financial and insurance industry servers, and 13 million records of those in educational institutions. With the number of cyber-attacks continuously growing both in the public and private sector, unlike the widely-publicized incidents at companies such as JPMorgan, Home Depot, and Target, these more recent attacks have left experts stunned. In a cat-and-mouse game where the hackers are constantly finding ways to probe a network’s defenses 24/7, companies are forced to monitor network systems around the clock, in which flaws and weaknesses are inevitable. Eric Rosenbach, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Security, claims that “no matter what we do with technology, we’ll always be vulnerable to the phishing and human-factor attacks unless we educate the overall workforce.” In other words, in order to keep databases better-protected, it is crucial that every employee from every department of a company censor the material they are exposed to. To learn more about what steps you and your company can take to stay better-protected, get connected with Taino Consulting Group. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2014/1110/Feds-hacked-Is-cybersecurity-a-bigger-threat-than-terrorism-video