The ‘Key’ To Stronger Security

In a world where just about everyone has worried about the idea of hackers being able to gain access to their personal information through their online accounts, Google has created an additional support for their already existing 2-Step Verification process which now includes a second factor in addition to the security key, a physical USB. According to Google, “the physical USB only works after it verifies the site the user is attempting to log-in to as a Google website and not a fake site attempting a phishing attack.” In other words, since many websites that appear to be legitimate actually aren’t, Google has created a way to guarantee the website is an official one. Recent reports have shown that nearly 5 million username and passwords of Google accounts were reported to have been found on a Russian forum for Bitcoin Security. With a significant increase in hacking, the physical USB makes it impossible for hackers to access any personal information. Google states, “With two-step verification enabled, even if someone steals your current password through a hack, they won’t be able to enter your accounts unless they also steal that physical item – a requirement that stops most bad guys in their tracks.” Clearly, sophisticated attackers have the ability to set up lookalike sites asking you to provide your verification codes to what appears to be Google, but is really the hacker instead. With the security key, Google now requires the user to not only know their password, but also have a physical item, such as a cell phone, in order to sign-in for an extra layer of security. According to Google, “When you sign into your Google Account using Chrome and Security Key, you can be sure that the cryptographic signature cannot be phished.” With such advances in technology, the Security Key for 2-Step Verification offers an even more effective method of privacy protection rather than simply typing in a verification code sent to your phone. To help better protect your most confidential information, get connected with us here at Taino Consulting Group.