Thin Line Between Physical and Cyber

As technology advances, the line between real and virtual is getting thinner. Nowadays, the idea of hacking is not limited to the cyber world, but now includes the ability to gain physical access to someone’s property. During a recent cybersecurity convention in Germany, hackers demonstrated their ability to duplicate fingerprints from a distance, using photographs to accurately recreate thumbprints based on those images. Although most consumers still use passwords and PINS for security rather than fingerprints, newer models of devices such as the iPhone5s and Samsung Galaxy S5 now allow users to unlock their phones and make payments using fingerprint scanners. Security experts agree that as the digital world continues to intersect with the real world, it is becoming increasingly important that people take into consideration factors they may have never thought of before such as posting pictures of their fingers and other personal items such as keys and credit cards. With more payment systems implementing the use of fingerprints to verify identifications, the ability to copy someone’s fingerprint from a photograph may put many consumers’ privacy at risk. In addition, applications and websites such as KeyMe and Keys Duplicated now enable users to duplicate keys by simply uploading an image of the key on their mobile devices, making it easier for perpetrators to gain access to one’s vehicle or home. With technology continuously improving and leaving consumers more vulnerable to potential hacks, it is becoming increasingly important for people to be more aware of the content they post online. To learn more about ways to improve your company’s cyber and physical security, contact us at Taino Consulting Group.