Think Like A Criminal, Save Your Company

When it comes to the physical and cyber world, the ways in which we secure ourselves physically are often similar to the ways we secure ourselves virtually. For example, in both the office and at home, although most people tend to leave internal doors unlocked because they are more likely to trust the individuals inside their home, it is not uncommon for people to hide items of value, such as jewelry, car keys, money, and other prized possessions. In the physical world, since our most valuable objects are at a higher risk of being stolen, we take extra precautions in keeping those items in more secure locations. In the cyber world, from confidential customer data to personal account information, cybercriminals are specifically targeting information of the highest value. Because the most valuable information is more likely to be targeted, it is imperative that businesses take all of the necessary steps to ensure that the information is inaccessible to any unauthorized activity. Naturally, individuals and businesses tend to feel more comfortable dealing with those they are familiar with, as opposed to those they are unfamiliar with. For example, we are more likely to leave valuables in plain sight when surrounded by those we know, and more likely to be cautious of what we leave out in the open when we are around those we do not trust. Conversationally, we are more conscious about what information we reveal to strangers compared to those we have known our entire life. Just like in the physical world, the same can be applied to the virtual world. By dealing with trustworthy sources, there is a less chance of suffering any risks to vulnerabilities. In the virtual world, experts agree that the implementation of threat intelligence and internal incident detection to determine any potential threats is essential. In most companies, in order to recognize potential risks of valuable assets, the implementation of systems used to monitor access to valuable information and any unauthorized activity, in case any incident does occur, is absolutely necessary. To help solve the problem, both physical and cyber security need to become second nature to both individuals and businesses. By being aware of what is secure and what is not, there is a less chance of being exposed to any risks. If we all think like cyber criminals or burglars, we are more likely to keep ourselves better protected in both worlds, cyber and physical. Taino Consulting Group offers the services your business needs to enhance your cyber and physical security. To learn more, contact us at