Back to School Safety

Back_to_School_Safety September is a wonderfully exciting month for children as they head back to school. For parents however, a new school year often arrives hand-in-hand with heightened worry due to concerns of safety on school grounds. Sadly, shootings and other violent crimes have occurred far too frequently on school property. The best advice is to prepare for the worst. Arkansas has recently taken an initiative to incorporate school safety and innovative technology. Under the 2015 School Safety Act, every K-12 public school in Arkansas will have access to a new mobile app called the Rave Panic Button. Created by Rave Mobile Safety of Framingham, Massachusetts, this mobile system could provide faster and more precise response to not only active shooter situations, but also other crisis situations including fires and medical emergencies. With this app, students and school faculty with mobile devices are able to send immediate and specific information to emergency responders with just the touch of a button, should a troubling situation arise. Furthermore, with this app, local police and fire departments are provided with digital floor plans of schools within their appropriate districts. In the event of an emergency, local responders are provided with precise location-specific information regarding the alert, as well as information about the person who generated the alert. Proponents of this act affirm that the app could shave precious seconds off of the time it takes emergency personnel to respond to potentially life-threatening situations. Rave Mobile Safety has ensured that this is a step in the right direction in terms of enhancing school safety. While this alert system is highly useful, it is crucial that students and school faculty, including bus drivers are prepared to respond to intruder and active shooter situations, even before emergency response teams arrive. Taino Consulting Group offers a variety of risk preparedness courses including Bus Driver / Transportation Employee Safety Awareness and Intruder Response Overview. To learn more, contact us at Make this school year your safest yet!

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