A New Government Badge: Body Camera

Philadelphia Police Body CamerasDue to recent tragic events involving violence and police officers, our nation's front line of domestic defense has experienced an increased use of body cameras to both protect our police officers and to serve as unbiased witnesses in violent situations. Body cameras have not only played an important role in police departments nationwide, but have also led more communities and government agencies to consider equipping their employees with video recording devices. In cities across the nation, the use of body cameras can be found on parking and code enforcement officers, as well as animal control workers—specifically those who are more exposed to potentially dangerous situations. According to Taser International, one of the largest body camera manufacturers in America, more than 3,000 agencies have implemented the use of body cameras nationwide. Taser spokesman, Steve Tuttle, claims that the use of cameras could also be useful to corrections and probation officers, as well as any public safety employee at risk of verbal or physical assault. With a growing number of departments considering the use of body cameras, the debate surrounding whether or not such advancements present more benefit than cost is only expected to lead more agencies to explore the idea. Taino Consulting Group provides services including design, installation, and service of network-based security systems, video surveillance, access control, systems integration, electrified locking hardware, and a multitude of other services to meet your business’s security needs. For more information, contact info@tainocg.com. http://www.emergencymgmt.com/safety/Police-Arent-Only-Public-Workers-Wearing-Body-Cameras.html