rangedevice2It was revealed this week that even the top echelons of our government are viable targets for cyber attacks. On October 19th, it was reported that Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan’s personal email account had been hacked. The perpetrators, posing as Verizon technicians, managed to obtain access to the spy chief’s private email account.  Their findings were reportedly posted on social media, which included contact addresses, social security numbers, and other personal information about Brennan’s family members, friends, and even high-ranking US intelligence officials. This incident helps to illustrate that anyone is vulnerable to these types of attacks. To lessen your chances of falling victim to the prying fingertips of a hacker, industry experts generally recommended that your online behavior be governed by these four basic rules:

  1. Strong Passwords. Create complex passwords using numbers, symbols, and different cases. Aim to make your passwords 12 characters or more.
  2. Rotating Passwords. Change all of your passwords more than once a year. Make sure to avoid using the same passwords for all your accounts.
  3. Device Management. Turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you’re not using it. Unwanted visitors may creep into your personal information if they can access public networks.
  4. Multi-factor Authentication. Use two-step authentication to access online accounts when at all possible. Some websites have this feature built into their infrastructure. By employing this measure, you be able to determine when someone is attempting to get into your account.

Abiding by these general guidelines alone will drastically decrease your chances of becoming the victim of a cyber attack. Taino Consulting Group offers the security solutions to ensure your company’s cyber and physical security. For more information, contact us at info@tainocg.com.


Read more at: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/22/us-usa-cia-brennan-idUSKCN0SG2B920151022