5 Ways to Protect your Business

Cyber-Crime-SecurityToday, small and mid-sized business are more skillfully using the changing technological landscape to their advantage. With capabilities like cloud computing and mobile and big data analytics, it is becoming easier for smaller business to reach new markets as well as focus on invention and creativity. However, with this new room for opportunity comes responsibility. Cyber security should be a high priority if you want to protect your data and intellectual property, as well as defend your business against cyber attacks.

Here are 5 measures you should take to protect your business:

  • Create intrusion detection system rules that flag emails with extensions that are similar to company email. For example, legitimate email of abc_company.com would flag fraudulent emails of abc-company.com.
  • Register all company domains that are slightly different than the actual company domain. Verify changes in vendor payment location by adding additional two-factor authentication such as having a secondary sign-off by company personnel.
  • Confirm requests for transfers of funds. When using phone verification as part of the two-factor authentication, use previously known numbers, not the numbers provided in the email request.
  • Know the habits of your customers, including the details of, reasons behind, and amount of payments.
  • Carefully scrutinize all email requests for transfer of funds to determine if the requests are out of the ordinary.

(Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Abiding by these general guidelines will drastically decrease your chances of becoming the victim of a cyber attack. Taino Consulting Group offers the security solutions to ensure your company’s cyber and physical security. For more information, contact us at info@tainocg.com.

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