Drone Security is Taking Off

Drone Restrictions When it comes to protecting any area, security cameras, motion-detected alarm systems, and locked doors can only do so much.

The next big thing in protecting businesses involve unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as drones.

A single drone can constantly monitor any property automatically. Outfitted with high definition day and night vision cameras, drones can act as a 24/7 security guard. They can be incorporated into an existing alarm system so that if an alarm is sounding in one area on the property, the drone will detect the alert and travel to that specific area to record video surveillance at a closer range. They are especially useful when monitoring areas that are not within clear views of fixed camera surveillance. A drone can be docked in a protected area on a rooftop, where it sits in-between rounds of surveillance to recharge its battery.

Drones not only act as a deterrent for potential thieves, but also as a “set it and forget it” surveillance system. Essentially providing round the clock patrol, incorporating a drone into your security system could be a wise choice. Drones can be outfitted and programmed with limitless capabilities. Thermal cameras, flashing lights, and sirens are just a few of the literal bells and whistles that could be attached to this tiny little quad copter to not only record but also to ward off potential thieves. Programming a drone should be thoughtful and specific to the most high-risk times of day and locations of the property it aims to protect.

There are security companies, such as Tyco Integrated Security, that will study your specific business’ security system (or lack thereof), and then conduct virtual patrols throughout the night, monitoring the security cameras and alarms from their headquarters. This is another way to have a personalized round the clock guard, without paying someone to physically patrol the property. This system however is still limited to the video feed provided by fixed security cameras. A cleverly premeditated intruder will likely know which areas to avoid in order to stay out of the sharpest views of the fixed cameras.

Drones however, are not hindered by fixation. They can fly to where ever they are needed, and can be smoothly guided there via precise pre-programmed GPS tracking. They can offer efficient yet comprehensive surveillance on any property at any time of day, with the added bonus that it can be monitored from the comfort of a nearby office or home.

Could your business’ security system benefit from drone technology? It is important to first assess the security risks that confront your business, and then determine whether or not having a drone could provide a useful and necessary surveillance product.

Taino Consulting Group can identify your business’ physical security weaknesses, help you determine your critical assets, assess the likelihood of known threats, evaluate existing countermeasures, and develop a prioritized plan to reduce your risk. Get connected with Taino Consulting Group at info@tainocg.com.

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