2016's Top Security Trends

phone-1537387_1280 So far in 2016, advancement of technology, security breaches, and complex security needs are showing certain trends. Observing these, HID Global has recently come out with the top 5 security trends in 2016:

#1: Mobilizing security will make it more pervasive and personalized. Computer and network logon, driving licenses and other apps will more seamlessly join physical security functions on phones, tablets and laptops. Wearables will be the next step. Phones will also work with RFID tags, adding security and trust to the IoT for proof-of-presence applications.

With mobile adoption rates continuing to grow and greater emphasis on security issues, striking that balance between security and convenience is becoming more important than ever before.

#2: Security will move to a greater focus on the user experience, helping to close the gap between planning and compliance while ensuring that security adapts to, rather than defines, end-user habits and lifestyles.

This trend indicates that customers want an easier, more trustworthy way to use digital identities to access on-the-go services and applications. Biometrics and Push notifications for real time transaction approval or rejection continue to emerge as effective solutions for bringing security and convenience together.

#3: The industry will enter a new chapter of connected identities, using multi-layered security strategies that also include biometrics to bind these identities to their real owners.

Interestingly, enormous growth of trusted digital identities has begun ushering in new opportunities for innovation. These are being fueled by a growing interest in wearable devices and use of sensors for IoT-based solutions and serve as important points of unification for trusted identities that make digital interactions more personal, contextual and valuable, paving the way for innovations that enhance user experience.

#4: More attention on privacy in growing connected and mobile-first world.

The need for embedded security and privacy technology has increased due to a forecast of 5.5 million new “things” such as appliances, phones, drones, and other gagets, getting connected each day in 2016. Biometrics also plays a pivotal role in privacy protection.

#5: Security policies and best practices will become as important as technology advances.

Lastly, this trend demonstrates that demand grows for services that help customers deploy innovative solutions to meet compliance, security and risk management needs, while enabling new, value-added capabilities.

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