Security Preparations Underway for Presidential Inauguration

While federal security officials insist that there is no credible or specific threat to the presidential inauguration or associated events, U.S. law enforcement is beefing up security in the nation’s capital in advance of the much anticipated swearing in of Donald J. Trump. The Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said that law enforcement has estimated the attendance of up to 900,000 people in addition to 100 different organizations planning demonstrations to either support or protest the president-elect. Unfortunately, history has demonstrated that large crowds are appealing targets for terrorist attacks. Johnson addressed this threat earlier this week. “We have to be concerned about individual acts of violent extremism and those who self-radicalize…We’ll be on guard for those threats." Due to the recent deadly attacks using vehicles as weapons, such as the attacks in Nice, France and Berlin, Germany, security officials are taking measures to prevent such an attack. In addition to the 28,000 agents from various federal and local agencies dedicated to the security of the inauguration, officials have also fortified vulnerabilities along the parade route with dump trucks, cement trucks, and buses. Authorities warn attendees to be extremely vigilant and take note of the nearest exits during all events.

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