Data Privacy Day 2017

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Data Privacy Day 2017

January 28 marks Data Privacy Day 2017, an international effort to promote awareness about respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust.

We use our smartphones to do countless daily activities – pay bills, check emails, order taxicabs, and more. Most Americans probably don’t realize how much sensitive information they share on a regular basis, let alone take the time to be thoughtful about when and why they are sharing the information.

Trying to understand when and how it is safe to share your sensitive information online can seem overwhelming, but it is actually easier than one might think. Simple steps – like being thoughtful about what you post online, taking advantage of privacy settings offered by most online platforms, and regularly updating your security software on your mobile devices – help to protect you and your information online.

Data Privacy Day is a great opportunity for you to take time and consider what you share online and help spread the word about protecting your personal information. Take action and help create a culture of privacy awareness. Learn more here: