Super Bowl LI Security

In advance of one of the most-anticipated sports events of the year, Super Bowl LI, Houston, TX is preparing for more than 1 million visitors that are expected to visit the city this weekend. While there are currently no credible threats to the city or to the stadium, this event unfortunately welcomes a plethora of security concerns. Not only is this high profile event an attractive target for terrorist attacks, but it is also a breeding ground for protestors seeking media attention at this especially controversial time in American politics. Leading the security efforts will be 5,000 Houston police officers joined by state and federal officials, including SWAT teams and plain clothed officers. In addition, metal detectors, bomb sniffing dogs, anti-drone technology, and many other security measures will fortify stadium security. Local hotels and other establishments have also prepared for the masses by conducting emergency preparedness exercises such as active shooter and emergency evacuation drills. Regarding the upcoming events, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo insisted “We're prepared to handle any eventuality and able to handle anything."

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