New Drone Regulation Could Lead to Safer Skies


Chinese drone developer DJI recently launched a new product called AeroScope, a program meant to identify and monitor drone activity. This system can be used to recognize pertinent information about an unmanned aircraft such as serial number and registration. The AeroScope system can also be used to monitor major safety factors such as speed and altitude.

Developed for use by police, security agencies, aviation industries, and other governing organizations, AeroSpace hopes to provide a level of safety and regulation that currently does not exist, as more people are using drones both for business and recreational purposes. With continued reports of rogue drones causing issues at airports or sporting events, this new regulation is a welcomed development for the security industry. However, many drone hobbyists fear that they will lose privacy as these regulators will have access to all sensitive data associated with their drones. To address this concern, personal data will not be transmitted unless police jurisdiction requires doing so.

Adding AeroSpace to existing systems is not difficult and makes implementation an effective process for established industries. The program has already been implemented in two airports and is being tested in others across the country. As drone usage continues to rise, it is imperative that proper regulation matches the increase. AeroSpace hopes to provide both drone owners and regulators with peace of mind when seeing drones near sensitive locations.

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UPDATE: President Trump plans to sign a memo establishing a pilot program to better integrate unmanned aircrafts into national airspace, hoping to lay the groundwork for more modern regulations to keep up with a society keen on drones.

Kelly Anne Girandola