Why New Hardware Flaws are Giving Many Businesses a Meltdown

New flaws have been found in devices such as personal computers and smartphones that expose company’s data on a fundamental level. These two flaws go by the name Meltdown and Spector.

Meltdown is an issue with Intel processors that is found in the transition of data between the operating system and user programs. This process is meant to keep data separate so that applications are able to work independently of one another but this exploitation manipulates this process so that it exposes sensitive data that would otherwise be protected.

Spectre is an issue that affects a broader range of devices that include both desktop and mobile devices. This processer flaw is also in the transition of data and allows usually secure applications to give out data that would be inaccessible on the platform itself.

This two flaws have many businesses feeling vulnerable since this is something they cannot prevent on their own. Fortunately, new software updates protect devices from these exploitations. To ensure that your company’s data is safe it is important to update all devices so that you are not susceptible to these flaws.

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Jonathan Kerman