Lessons Learned from 2017

Looking back on 2017, many people have begun to question how safe their online data really is. From Equifax to Yahoo, it seemed a month couldn’t go by without a major hacking. As hackers have gained more tools, businesses have begun to look for ways to protect themselves and their customers’ data.

Hackers have begun to realize how much can be made off selling people’s personal information and it has created what feels like a gold rush for them. The other major issue is that a lot of these new tools have come from government organizations. This includes old government tools that have been leaked to the public further arming these hackers.

This issue has also affected major businesses negatively too. Some of the tools leaked by the NSA were used to hold files of large companies hostage, demanding large quantities of money to regain access to them. As these hackings become more regular, the need for proper cyber security has become imperative. We at Windwalker Group are here to give you the tools to protect your business from those who look to do it harm. For more information about what Windwalker Group can do to help your business click here: https://www.windwalker.com/services/

Jonathan Kerman