We consult with customers to design and develop custom, effective training solutions. Together, we create experiences that ensure a learner retains information and recalls it when they need it. 

We expertly apply our systems-design process to integrate emerging learning theory with state-of-the-art technology and graphic arts. This means we can create engaging systems and materials that effectively address our clients’ unique learning, performance, and communications needs. Our training and communications products have earned numerous national and international awards for innovation and high quality. We work closely and consultatively with our customers, to get their people and their teams ready to thrive.


Client Successes

We developed transportation-related anti-terrorism awareness training for the Department of Homeland Security.
We created award-winning training on the U.S. Army’s substance abuse program, ensuring that Soldiers struggling with addiction can get the help they need.
We developed a training program specifically for the men and women protecting 21,000 miles of track, 529 stations and more than 31.2 million rail passengers.
We trained Amtrak employees to spot and report terrorist reconnaissance activity.
We helped Amtrak train first responders for train-related emergencies in their communities.
We trained the entire U.S. Postal Inspection Service on a new web-based information system.
The United States Postal Service chose Windwalker to develop employee engagement content for its more than 50,000 employees.



Professionals today work from anywhere; they should be able to learn from anywhere too. Our eLearning solutions leverage cutting-edge design, multi-media, visualization and gamification strategies and technologies with incredible results. 

We design and produce award-winning learning programs and products. These products create experiences for learners – they don’t feel like typical “trainings.” They embed research findings and key principles related to learning retention, generational learning, and instructional design for classroom, team-based, and self-instruction. We also create learning magazines, learning simulations, serious gaming, video based scenarios, virtual worlds, and other computer-based approaches. Our instructional design teams work hand-in-hand with cutting edge developers, programmers, and the best in video, audio, animation, and graphic arts production to create compelling, effective learning products.


Client Successes

We help promote access to medical care throughout the U.S. Air Force community.
We prepared the 70,000-person Department of Interior workforce with trainings on the No Fear Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Diversity and Inclusion.
We’re the team that helps provide critical law enforcement training to agents within 90 federal agencies.
We helped the Department of Education teach people how to use its statistics.
We make the federal “first-on-scene” emergency response policy clear and understood across Amtrak.
We helped Amtrak identify, manage and protect sensitive security information.



Our experienced professionals work diligently with customers to protect their employees, intellectual property and infrastructure from cyber-related threats, and to proactively manage cyber risk. 

Our comprehensive cybersecurity services include risk assessment, incident response, training and compliance.  Taken together, this full suite of cyber-related services helps get our customers ready to respond to an attack, and prepares them to avoid one. Our team leverages years of cybersecurity experience protecting employees, intellectual property and cyber infastructure. Additionally, the Windwalker team of cyber consultants are committed to providing customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions to managing cyber risk. We also constantly sharpen our craft and stay up-to-date on the development of new hacking techniques and cybersecurity trends.


Client Successes

We safeguard the IT systems behind transportation operations.
We protect a valuable sales channel for a growing business.
We help municipalities prepare and protect against cyberattacks.



We offer world-class physical security support and services, from risk assessments to armed guard services. We understand the multiple layers of interdependent systems required for effective physical security programs. 

These layers include CCTV surveillance, security guards, protective barriers, locks, access control protocols, and many other techniques. Unauthorized access to facilities, equipment or resources represents a critical business threat. Going a step further, protecting personnel and property from damage or harm (such as espionage, theft, or terrorist attacks), is a central priority for every modern organization. You want and need an experienced team to help. Customers trust us because that’s exactly what we are.


Client Successes

We helped get downtown Boston ready for growth.
We provide 24/7/365 armed-guard services at a major federal facility.
We make sure Boston’s commuter trains are ready to run in an emergency.
We build simulations to get teams ready to react and respond in an emergency.
We bring teams together to prepare and plan for all types of emergencies for train-related emergencies in their communities.
We identify and assess security risks, so management can invest wisely in solutions.
We contribute to the secure and welcoming nature of Washington Navy Yard; because you can be both.
We ensure that defenders of human rights can operate securely.



We help organizations meet a variety of business objectives – from call center support, to case management, to military medical readiness, to IT services, or staffing. If it involves responding to a mission-critical challenge quickly and with agility, we can help.

We take pride in working with customers to develop and deliver an effective solution to their evolving needs. We view ourselves as a partner to our customers and, together, we find a way to confront the challenges and opportunities that come their way.


Client Successes

We create podcasts that help NASA teams understand one another.
We help military healthcare providers connect with patients.
We modernized NASA’s employee portal.
We supported a completely virtual summit for NASA executives.
We make sure wounded Soldiers are medically treated in the manner they deserve.
We help develop effective drone operations programs.



Our work in survey management and design, performance measurement and evaluation means our customers have a clearer picture of the opportunities in front of them, and that they’re ready to take them on. 

Our capabilities in evaluation methodology provide clients with state-of-the-art design, data collection, and analysis expertise. This means, together, we can assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their programs and services. Our evaluation services range from research design and development of data collection instruments to the preparation of reports targeted to both professional and general audiences. We design and carry out evaluation studies in a wide variety of areas, including education, training, social services, and management.


Client Successes

We helped measure and assess American high school students’ problem-solving skills.
We helped assess the math and science skills of American elementary and middle school students.
We helped the U.S. Department of Education understand the condition of education for Native American and Alaska Native students.