Working at Windwalker means more than “working.” It means building. It means solving. It means understanding. It’s how we get our customers ready to confront the challenges, and the opportunities, in front of them.

Clients trust us with their most critical business challenges. So, we trust each other, our experience, and our ability to get things done. We build relationships with our clients and among ourselves. We care about our clients and about the communities they serve. We volunteer, we create, we give back.

We’re creative and agile. We pride ourselves on quality, performance and service. You too? Great! Check out our open positions, and see if there’s a place for you here. 

Windwalker's Performance Recognition

Award Program

Established in January 2018, this program allows Windwalker to recognize exemplary

service by corporate personnel and to provide protocols for the presentation of

awards and related recognition for such service. Importantly, we acknowledge that in

order to meet our yearly corporate goals and objectives, it is through the

professional efforts of Team Windwalker – its employees, supervisors, program

managers, executives, and corporate clients – that we achieve our purpose of getting our customers

READY – ready to grow, ready to thrive, and ready for what’s next.


2018 Recipients


Bernadette Houser

Bernadette has achieved an Award for Exceptional Service for her outstanding leadership and continued work on our NAVSEA – Access Control Services contract in Philadelphia, PA. Bernadette is an exceptional leader and highly respected by members of her team, the client, and the corporate staff. Windwalker has benefited from her leadership, selfless service and, dedication to duty. Awarded June 19, 2018.


Eva Young

Eva has achieved an Award for Exceptional Service due to her tireless effort to support the adoption the Unanet platform, encompassing advanced capability in accounting, time capture and pipeline management. With her impeccable attention to detail, selfless devotion, and fierce determination, Eva operated for many months as the only full-time, internal accounting resource managing the company’s books, and migrating the two accounting systems into a single platform. Awarded June 19, 2018.


Michelle Williams

Michelle has achieved an Award for Exceptional Service. Michelle has distinguished herself as an invaluable member of the Air Force Medical Support Agency Access to Care Program Management Support contract for the past two years. She is indeed the epitome of an outstanding leader, professional analyst, consultant and subject matter expert. Awarded June 19, 2018.