Maintaining Security in an Insecure World is Always Important


In this era of planned physical and cyber criminal attacks, securing doors with locks and protecting networks and computer systems with passwords is simply not enough. Although these are not expensive security methods and can provide basic safekeeping, they are not enough to ensure complete security. A skilled armed assailant is unlikely to be taken down by a handful of unarmed guards, and the number of such shootouts are on the rise in the United States. Despite this, many businesses and establishments are still reluctant to invest in physical security measures such as metal detectors, extra guards, security cameras, and other safety measures. These precautions can be expensive for small businesses, nightclubs, sports venues, shopping malls, and college campuses, but the benefit of additional security weighs more than the cost of investment in security.

Schools and recreation areas such as movie theaters and restaurants are at risk of being targeted by an attacker because of their “soft target” status – meaning many people gather there with limited security. Businesses are more frequently opting in to additional safety equipment such as metal detectors, surveillance cameras, etc., and are investing more in physical security. Along with physical security, the implementation of cybersecurity measures is also on the rise. Still, there is always room for improvement.