New Concerns Arise Over Aviation Cyber Security


Last year, federal cyber-security expert Tom Hickey and his team successfully hacked a Boeing 757 and landed it remotely. This test was only recently made public, and people have begun to worry about that capability used with malicious intentions. It is rumored that this concern has existed for a few years, but it seemed to be something only able to be done by someone actually on the plane.

Even though this fear has been perpetuated for a while, the high cost and time requirements have caused progress to be slow. While this capability is known, no one in the aviation industry is sure of the severity of potential damage and which aircrafts are the most susceptible.

It seems that airline system manufacturers provide little access for those looking to test the systems of the aircraft, so it is very difficult to find and solve issues of this nature. In order to ensure this issue is resolved it will take collaboration by cyber security experts and the manufacturers to make sure this vulnerability isn’t exposed by the wrong people.

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