Cybersecurity Meets Politics

photoA new cybersecurity bill was passed through the Senate this week. The bill, named the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) intends to allow companies to share data on cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities between and among private-sector and government actors. Advocates of this bill argue that this legislation will encourage an improved cooperative national cyber defense effort. According to California Senator Dianne Feinstein, CISA "provides that two competitors in a market can share information on cyber threats with each other without facing anti-trust suits…Companies sharing cyber threat information with the government will have liability protection." Under this bill, the information to be shared will encompass the technical details of any attempted or potential cyber attacks, including details of the target and how the attack was attempted. Security officials suggest that the more information that is shared about these cyber attacks, the more prepared the government will be to help protect our nation from future attacks. Before this bill can go to the president's desk and become law, however, the CISA must face the House of Representatives.  To join in our efforts to protect you against the threat of a cyber-attack, get connected with Taino Consulting Group at Read more at: