Insight from Boston’s Inaugural Cyber Security Conference

On March 8th, FBI director James Comey delivered a keynote speech at Boston’s first Cyber Security Conference. The conference was run by representatives from the FBI as well as Boston College graduate students in the Cybersecurity Policy and Governance master’s degree program. Comey addressed the many threats we face from cyber terrorists and hacktivists groups, whose main intention is the theft and corruption of critical data. Comey provided the FBI’s five-part strategy that aims to address such intrusions and many of the ideas he shared can be applied to private-sector businesses both big and small.

Comey discussed improving the FBI’s focus in terms of operations, as well as who they choose to hire. This need for better operations is something that all businesses face with regards to their cyber security. Cyber criminals who seek to gain access to your company's data are becoming more sophisticated and methodical with the plans they implement. Because stagnant cyber security practices provide an open target for such intrusions, it is critical to constantly keep your business's practices and employees up to date with such trends, so as to keep your company’s data safe.

Another major point Comey examined was the enhancement of digital literacy throughout the organization. The FBI is currently creating more effective training including task forces designed around making sure that their employees will be more cyber “literate”. Digital literacy is a major problem many companies face. As technology is moving at such a fast pace, employees should be kept up to date to ensure that your business does not fall behind such new and innovative trends.

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